If we want to get “unstuck” from our past we have to own our regrets. But we can’t stop there, we have to release them. And there is only one way or path to release – forgiveness. Release is essentially what forgiveness is all about. We need God’s forgiveness to be released from our sins, mistakes, and regrets. We accept God’s full and complete forgiveness in order to start fresh. We also need to release those who have sinned against us or we’ll be a prisoner to our hurt. And when possible, we need to own, apologize and ask forgiveness from those we have regretfully have hurt. Release or forgiveness is a vital step in moving toward starting over.

At the end of the year, we tend to look back and evaluate the year that has passed, and at the same time, looking forward to what is to come; Top 10 Things from 2018 and New Year’s Resolutions. It turns out, there’s nothing wrong with looking back and forward at the same time. This tension is something God actually calls us to: look back and see Him in where we’ve been, and set out to seek Him in what is coming tomorrow. God calls us to a rhythm of reflecting on the past and seeking Him as we go forward.

We are special people. We are not just scattered and random. But like a mosaic, we all come together to form an incredible, beautiful structure. We are a spiritual house. We no longer go to a temple to meet God through a priest, but we are the temple and have the presence of God within us, we are the priests. We don’t go there for light, we have stepped into the light and it now shines through us.

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