When we talk about becoming a Christian or what it means to follow Jesus, we often focus on what we do, how Jesus changes our hearts. This is good. But there is more to us than our hearts and what we do. Our thinking has to change. Not just what thoughts we have, but those thoughts we focus on. As we grow in our faith, we are invited to renew our thinking.

Mary was an unlikely, unknown, poor, uneducated teenage girl. It was so unexpected for God to show up and ask her to be a part of changing the world. Mary wondered how it could be that he would use her. We wonder the same thing. How is it possible for God to use an ordinary person like me to make a difference? Our problem is that we don’t expect God to show up in us and through us. But if we were expectant and even sought God to use us to bring his influence to others, we would see that he still works miracles.

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