As Jesus paved the way for us to have restored relationships. We can overcome our mistakes and not let that be our identity anymore, but who we are in Christ. We can have relationships restored, we can keep them, and they can become even better than they were before something happened. But we have to really press into what it looks like to forgive and stop avoiding those hard and difficult things. We can move forward from what should never have happened. We can keep relationships and have them stronger than ever. We can make mistakes and let others learn from theirs. People can change, be redeemed & restored.  

We can all have a mental filter that impacts how we think. But, we can choose the powerful tool of reframing, which is a different way of interpreting a situation or relationship by changing its meaning. Looking through the lens of God’s goodness and gratitude is the first step in winning the war in your mind.

Your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts. What God reveals often heals. What often heals becomes our help for others.

Today we will look at a word that we often underestimate the impact and significance it can have in our lives. It is a simple word: THANKS. The language of arrogance is complaining and criticizing, but the language of humility is gratitude and encouragement. It’s a daily practice to remind ourselves to be grateful.

There is enough judgment in the world today. But we are called to be Hope dealers! A Hope dealer runs towards the hurting instead of running away from them. Hope dealers help heal the broken. Hope dealers are tasked to reconcile others to the Father! Hope Dealers help remove the grave clothes from others so that they may experience a new life in Christ.

There are many shepherds trying to speak into us today. It is easy to be led astray by bad shepherds. Jesus offers us the opportunity to follow the Good Shepherd’s voice and he will lead us to still and quiet waters.

We’ve become cynical and now accept that “nothing lasts forever.” That may be true in a fast-changing world, but God is faithful, trustworthy, reliable, and dependable – always! We’ve been let down by people who were not trustworthy and dependable. But because God is faithful, and if the Spirit of God is shaping our inner self, then we too will be faithful, trustworthy, and dependable as well. We can’t always control outcomes, but we can do our part, which is being faithful to do our part. First, we are faithful to God, and just as importantly, we will be faithful in our relationship with others.

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