There are times when we simply are cynical about others knowing Jesus. We don’t want them to have hope and redemption, yet God calls us to go into ALL the world. The story of Jonah reminds us that God will use us and show us his grace through it, even when we don’t want it.

We must see people the way Jesus sees people…as opportunities to receive forgiveness and redemption. It is easy to get into our hopeless judgment of those living in sin and forget that we too are sinful.

When we are dealing hope, are we willing to do anything possible to get the world in front of Jesus?

Maybe you have grown up with many different beliefs in things or people. Maybe you grew up with your parents’ faith. However, at some point, we all have to answer the question Jesus asks, “Do you believe this?”

In a world that tries to give us many paths and roads to choose, Jesus gives us one and it is him. He tells us that he is the gate through which we must enter.

For many, life in this world is spent living in the darkness of our guilt and shame. However, Jesus longs to bring dark things into the light, and light brings freedom.

This world offers many different cravings, but if we truly want to understand true saving…then we must change what we are craving. The bread of life is what sustains. 

We live in a very disunified world. The world feels very Jurassic at times. It feels like we are always up against large beasts. We are at odds with politics, pandemics, peace, and what we praise. The church has been the epitome of disunity when the world needs to see the church unified for a cause and that cause is Christ and his mission. True unity (Freedom) in Christ is when we come together for a common goal of Go and Making as many disciples as possible together to defeat the large enemy (T-Rex) of this world.  

In a world where everyone wants the villain dead and gone, what would happen if we say the villains of this world or in our lives as redeemable and created in the same image of Christ as we are. At one point, we were all enemies of God in our sin. Yet, redemption is not through destruction but sacrifice for the villain. 

In a world where over 33% of kids live in a home with absent fathers, how can we change the culture and tide of absent fathers? We must be willing to go back to classic examples that God gives us to reclaim our families and our culture.

We celebrate Pantano’s 60-year anniversary as we look back and forward while never forgetting our vision, mission, and purpose. God has called Pantano to be a church that is a catalytic force to bring God’s kingdom and influence anywhere he leads us. Our mission is to love people to Jesus. We launch passionate people to make a God difference, wherever God sends them. Pantano always has and always will be focused on expanding God’s kingdom and influence. This is who we’ve been. This is who we are. This is who we’ll continue to be!

For three days life was filled with uncertainty. Life was dark, Jesus was dead, hope was gone. Friday was full of mourning. Saturday was full of doubt. Life was sinking in the life of those that were following Jesus. Maybe you feel the same way. Maybe your life is sinking and you feel as if it is dark and hopeless. However, there is good news. God does the unthinkable when life seems the most sinkable. Your life might be hanging onto a Friday or Saturday moment…but Sunday is here.

The path of following Jesus is the path of being at peace and making peace with all, for he is the Prince of Peace. Jesus came to make peace with us. As his children, it’s our nature to make peace. We invite others into a life-giving relationship with Jesus so they can be at peace with God. We make peace with those we have conflict with. We see peace and unity between people and groups that need to be reconciled. Making peace is the ultimate spiritual activity that Jesus calls us to engage.

We are on a spiritual journey. It starts when we know we are nothing and need (poor in spirit). Then we admit we are deeply sorry and want to change or repent (mourn). That leads us to this step: we’re ready for God to have his way with us. We surrender control of our life once and continually. We allow God to shape us, mold us, and direct us. We allow the Spirit to transform that which we surrender.

From time to time, we all can allow comfort to keep us from doing what God has called us to do; GO. A response to God will lead to the redemption of others, and he wants us to take risks in order to rescue those that don’t know Jesus. If we are going to be rooted in Jesus in 2022, we must be All In.

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© 2022 Pantano Christian Church | All Rights Reserved.

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