Our Church Values

These values are what makes us unique. These values are why we choose to be part of Pantano Christian Church.

Our Church Values

Jesus forms who we are and how we live.

We are all broken, incomplete people in need of God’s grace. We meet people where they are and generously give away the grace we’ve freely received.

Loving God = Loving People. Everyone has value and matters to God. We pursue those who don’t know Jesus to help them write a new life story with him.

Being kingdom first drives us beyond our own church community. We strive to join God wherever He is at work. Church is who we are wherever we are.

As a kingdom-first church, we share our resources and people selflessly.

The Bible is our primary source for transformation. We move beyond information to practical and relevant application.

Community is essential to connect with God and others in order to be transformed.

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© 2024 Pantano Christian Church | All Rights Reserved.

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