We’re healthy, community-focused, and ready to make a difference. Learn more about what we believe, statement of faith, core values, and mission.


Pantano is a non-denominational Christian church that embraces a wide diversity of people. With our upbeat music and modern auditorium, you’ll hear a practical message that’s easy to understand, even if you’ve never been to church. We’re passionate about teaching the ageless truths of the Bible in ways that make sense.

What We Believe Our Values

Elders & Staff

Trevor DeVage Staff Picture
Trevor DeVage
Lead Pastor
Roger Blumenthal Staff Picture
Roger Blumenthal
Executive Pastor
Roy McCarthy Staff Picture
Roy McCarthy
Kerwin Dewberry Staff Picture
Kerwin Dewberry
Vice Chairman
David Miller Staff Picture
David Miller
Wyndell Harris Staff Picture
Wyndell Harris
Bill Ross Staff Picture
Bill Ross
Ed Schlitz Staff Picture
Ed Schlitz
Jim Weisert Staff Picture
Jim Weisert
Cindy De Jong Staff Picture
Cindy De Jong
Discipleship Pastor
Chris Hamlin Staff Picture
Chris Hamlin
Worship Pastor
Rebecca Hamlin Staff Picture
Rebecca Hamlin
Teaching Team
Robin Blumenthal Staff Picture
Robin Blumenthal
Local Outreach Pastor
Michelle Suarez Staff Picture
Michelle Suarez
Kids Pastor
Saul Galvan Staff Picture
Saul Galvan
Facilities Pastor
Kristi Hanneman Staff Picture
Kristi Hanneman
Childcare Coordinator
Saul Galvan Staff Picture
Saul Galvan
Revive Pastor
Norma Galvan Staff Picture
Norma Galvan
Revive Connections Pastor
Lourdes Agosto Staff Picture
Lourdes Agosto
Revive Executive Director
Kelly Siepker Staff Picture
Kelly Siepker
Community Groups Director
Francisco Agosto Staff Picture
Francisco Agosto
Revive Technical Director
Todd Tuthill Staff Picture
Todd Tuthill
Community Groups Director
Kemuel Agosto Staff Picture
Kemuel Agosto
Revive Worship Leader
Lisa Flowers Staff Picture
Lisa Flowers
Campus Events Coordinator
Amy Barrett Staff Picture
Amy Barrett
Associate Student Pastor
Cameron Suarez Staff Picture
Cameron Suarez
Student Administrative Assistant
Shelley Ambule Staff Picture
Shelley Ambule
Front Desk Assistant
Kenny Tomerlin Staff Picture
Kenny Tomerlin
Student Worship Leader
Karen Brown Staff Picture
Karen Brown
Peer Counseling Assistant
Jamie Everson Staff Picture
Jamie Everson
Discipleship Admin Assistant
Liz Kim Staff Picture
Liz Kim
Discipleship Admin Assistant
Stephanie Marsh Staff Picture
Stephanie Marsh
Kids Volunteer Coordinator
Amber Wilkinson Staff Picture
Amber Wilkinson
Kids Ministry Administrative Assistant
Amberlyn Barras Staff Picture
Amberlyn Barras
Finance Director
Billy Carneal Staff Picture
Billy Carneal
IT Director
Chris Crabtree Staff Picture
Chris Crabtree
IT Specialist
Ken Everson Staff Picture
Ken Everson
Café Manager
Bruce LeGendre Staff Picture
Bruce LeGendre
Maintenance Technician
Pat LeGendre Staff Picture
Pat LeGendre
Front Desk Assistant
Liz Marko Staff Picture
Liz Marko
HR Specialist
Brittany Broughton Staff Picture
Brittany Broughton
Facilities Team Coordinator
Paul Simpson Staff Picture
Paul Simpson
Facilities Team Member
Jennifer Wenzl Staff Picture
Jennifer Wenzl
Taryn Yarbrough Staff Picture
Taryn Yarbrough
Operations Administrative Assistant
Grady Barber Staff Picture
Grady Barber
Production Technical Assistant
Philip Cain Staff Picture
Philip Cain
Technical Director
Dylan Mitchell Staff Picture
Dylan Mitchell
Communications Specialist
Joseph Romero Staff Picture
Joseph Romero
Weekend Experience Coordinator
Robert Schmuck Staff Picture
Robert Schmuck
Digital Ministry Director
Christine Simpson Staff Picture
Christine Simpson
Production Team Coordinator
Aaron Tremblay Staff Picture
Aaron Tremblay
Video Director


Partnership at Pantano means a passionate commitment to join others who are ALL IN following and becoming like Jesus, praying for your one, sharing life together, using your time, talents and treasures to make a difference.


Do you want to learn more about Pantano? Register now for our online Discover Pantano group. You’ll join others in this group and Pastor Cindy De Jong for 4 weeks at a regularly scheduled time on Zoom. Each week, you’ll learn about a different area of Pantano and will have the opportunity to ask any question you want about our church.

June 24, 2022

Explore the Bible 5 days a week.

Bible Reading Plan

Read Numbers 14-15; Psalm 90 *Downloadable Bookmark

Determine a time and location to spend 5 minutes a day for 5 days a week. It’s usually best to have a consistent time and a quiet place.

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