Lead A Group

Why and How To Lead A Group

Why Become A Group Leader?

Group Leaders are important in the Kingdom of God. Jesus commanded us to “Go and Make Disciples of all Nations” (Matt 28:19). As a Group Leader at Pantano, you have an opportunity to disciple the people with whom God has entrusted you. As you share your life, God will naturally give you opportunities to share with and strengthen the faith of those in your group. As group members connect with each other and their neighbors through love, encouragement and living transparent lives, they are able to disciple each other and ultimately bring Christ to the world, one neighborhood or community at a time.

How To Become A Group Leader

Pantano Group Leader Expectations:

To establish and lead a Group at Pantano we ask that you abide by the following guidelines and expectations of Group Leaders, which include but are not limited to:

  • Complete Discover Pantano
  • Attend service on a regular basis
  • Group Leaders at Pantano must submit to a Pantano background check every three years
  • Complete Pantano’s New Group Leader Training-offered several times per year
  • Attend Pantano Group Leader Training – held twice per year, with breakfast
  • Meet together as a Group on a regular basis and submit attendance through Church Community Builder (CCB)
  • Actively oversee the discipling of your Group members
  • Be in communication with Pantano’s Community Groups Directors
  • Share what your Group is about with your ONE, and others, and invite them into Pantano’s Groups community
How to Become A Group Leader:

There are a few administrative tasks to be completed in order to launch a new Group at Pantano. After praying about your Group, the next steps are:

  • Submit a Pantano Difference Maker form so that we may get to know you better
  • Submit a New Group Leader Form – so that we can learn more about your Group

After these forms have been received, you will be contacted by a member of Pantano’s Group Ministry to discuss the details, plans, and expectations for your new Group.

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