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Reclaiming Hope

$45 Early Bird; $60 after Oct 21.

The 4th Annual Reclaiming Hope is a conference for anyone who works or serves people. Whether you help others by serving in education, social services, as a first responder, in the faith community, or anywhere else, understanding trauma and its effects allows you to bring more hope, healing, and tools to your work and community.

Keynote, breakouts, lunch and more!

Breakouts will include subjects such as Understanding Substance Abuse Disorder; Shame; Adverse Childhood Experiences; The Power of Empathy; Trauma-Informed Discipleship; Understanding What Triggers Us; Fostering Safe Places; Becoming an Ally and Advocate for Survivors; Mindfulness; Supporting Youth from Challenging Pasts; Self-Care and so much more!

Join us for a day of inspiring and gifted speakers, community resources, and so much more!

Key speaker

Trevor DeVage

As a speaker, creator, culture disrupter, and storyteller, Trevor longs to help people move their story into the best story. Trevor went to college at Lincoln Christian University and completed his degree in Preaching with a minor in Youth Ministry. He followed this up with a teaching degree from Wheaton University.

He and his family are now serving and leading Pantano Christian Church in Tucson, Arizona. His passion is for people who haven’t quite found what they’re looking for in life. Trevor communicates with a unique blend of humor, compassion, and lived experience that connects with audiences from all walks of life.


Hillary Grigel

Hillary Grigel is a licensed practicing architect, however, her experiences with sexual assault and breast cancer led her to freelance writing, blogging, and speaking as well. Hillary feels passionate that we are not defined by past hurts or struggles, but by our identity in Christ.


Join us as we learn to effectively and sensitively communicate with trauma survivors that we are their ally and advocate. Together we will explore five phrases and four steps to becoming an ally and advocate. Combined these phrases and steps make the acronym – A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E.E.

Recently campaigns such as Black Lives Matter; Stop Asian Hate; Me too, arose – even amidst the Pandemic. People all around us seek to feel loved and accepted. But how do we create an environment that is welcoming and safe for trauma survivors in our churches, schools, and organizations? When we discuss such difficult topics as abortion, purity, divorce, and more, how do we help trauma survivors to feel loved and accepted rather than further isolating, shaming, and silencing them?

Dr. Sanghoon Yoo

Dr. Sanghoon Yoo, the founder of The Faithful City (TFC) and Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Coalition (AZTIFC), has led ministries and social services for over two decades, holding a master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) and recently a doctor of ministry degree (DMin).


This workshop introduces the trauma informed Christian discipleship that Dr. Yoo has recently developed – integrating biblical principles and scientific discoveries to provide a discipleship journey guide with trauma informed companionship. The presenter offers Scriptural bases and themes for trauma informed care and discipleship (such as peace and presence) which are congruent with the importance of safety and relational availability from the scientific discoveries for trauma recovery and resilience.

This workshop provides the introductory steps for building communities of belonging to prevent substance and other harmful behaviors using based on a trauma informed care paradigm. Interpersonal neuroscience asserts that a sense of belonging creates safety and a firm foundation for trauma informed community. Dr. Yoo presents the steps on how to build resilient communities and promote an effective recovery atmosphere, creating communities of belonging.

Tamara Bolthouse

She is a licensed and ordained senior chaplain and a Human Services Board-Certified Practitioner. Tamara holds advanced certifications in Grief and Bereavement Counseling from Regent University, and the Grief Recovery Institute. Envoy helps parents, grandparents, case managers, court officials, and Christian entities find treatment resources for complex requests.


In this workshop, we will discuss what grief is and address grief education & myths surrounding grief recovery. We will talk about what to say and what not to say or do when walking with someone who has experienced grief. Finally, we will address actions that help us recover from loss as well as specific ways to help children with grief and loss.

Dr. DaMond Holt

Dr. Holt is a National Trauma expert, Certified Traumatologist, and Licensed and Board-Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner that treat and diagnose the root causes of disease. He is a Licensed Brain Health Trainer through Amen’s University. His work and research are an asset-based approach to trauma with a strong focus on resilience above trauma instead of a deficit-based approach.


This course will address the issues of Secondary Traumatic Stress, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout among professionals from educators, social workers, and first responders. You can’t pour from an empty cup. We will discuss the issuers of vicarious trauma and how trauma affects the whole person, mind, and soul. We will conclude with best practices for healing and coping with our stress from the 8 dimensions of wellness.

What is Trauma? We will discuss the different types of trauma, the impact of tauma’s on the whole person and how we heal from trauma.

Denisha Workizer

She worked for twenty years in professional leadership and corporate management before becoming a pastor. She served as a pastor for ten years and most recently followed her passion and founded Reclaimed Story, an Arizona non-profit organization to help women reclaim their story after a painful past. In addition to her work in biblical counseling, she is also certified as a Trauma-Informed Coach and hosts a weekly podcast called, Living the Reclaimed Life.


Have you ever been in a conversation where someone shares something incredibly painful and you don’t know how to respond? Perhaps they shared about a traumatic moment in their life, or pain they are currently experiencing. What you say in those moments matter. In this interactive workshop, we are going to equip you to sit in those moments with confidence and ask powerful questions, rather than attempting to fix the situation or simply avoid hurting people all together.

Deb Murphy

Deborah and Katie are both survivors of Domestic Violence. Deborah and Katie are both certified by AZ ACE’s Consortium Trainer of Trainers and AZ Trauma Institute Trauma Support Specialists. Deborah and Katie both speak publicly about Domestic Violence, Trauma Informed Care, Relationship boundaries, red flags, and healthy elements. Additionally, Deborah is a worship leader.


Learn how to create Self-Care plans and create & use Boundaries. Discover what are Red Flags & Healthy Elements, and how to identify when someone feels unsafe.

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