In this week’s insightful message, we turn our focus to a topic often overlooked in church communities – singleness. It’s a call to both singles and married individuals to understand and appreciate the unique value and challenges of being single in a faith-based context.

Relationships are important. Connecting with others is part of why God created us. He built a desire for community within our souls. Friendships are also important. Like all relationships, they take time, trust and work. It won’t all be good or bad but in the end it’s worth it. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit […]

Dive into an honest and transformative discussion about the role of sex in Christian marriage. In this message, we confront the misconceptions and silence surrounding the topic of sex in church settings, offering a refreshing and necessary perspective for couples today.

Marriage has its challenges and successes. When we prioritize humility and our spouse’s needs we find the challenge. We also find a war between unrealistic expectations and being selfless Christ-like people. John 13:34 says it all: love each other, just as I have loved you. Seek the One with your two. Marriage can be easy […]

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