In a world where the harvest for peace is large…the workers are few. We need to be working to bring peace and hope to the world around us.

In the mountain tops we see God alone… In the valley we see God working in the loneliness.

In a world that is constantly changing the sexual identity needle, how does the church respond with grace and truth through love? We lean into scripture and the model of Jesus.

In a world that is not black and white, the church and culture have become even more separated. How do we go from racism to unity?

Don’t downplay how God created you to please and serve others. There’s no such thing as a second-class calling.

Two mentalities; hyper-past and hyper-future. Which one are you?

I believe my story matters. You’re never too messed up to matter.
Who am I? Why am I here? No matter how old you are or what stage in life you’re in, those two questions can play a significant role in life. Try to understand the complex and unique design God has put on your life. Your story, your life matters.

This Easter, we’re learning how Jesus brings calm to our crazy lives. Even when things get super messy, like they did when Jesus was on Earth, He tells us, “It is finished.” That means He’s made everything okay again. We get to start fresh, find peace, and help others feel better too. Let’s find out […]

We like Jesus as our buddy because He will go along with anything. But this is not the Jesus we know from the scriptures. We don’t like the Jesus that will hold us to what we need to hear and do. He is our Redeemer, our Rock, and our Ruler. He didn’t come to earth […]

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