A Women’s Event

Have you ever struggled to understand WHO you are and remember WHOSE you are? Have you ever wondered if God truly sees you? Have you found yourself asking if there is more to life than what you are experiencing?

Join us on Friday, June 24th for a night of inspiration and a deep dive into where you came from and where you are going!

$10 per person. Price includes free childcare (birth through 5th grade), dessert, giveaways, resources, and more!

Speakers Denisha Workizer, Founder of Reclaimed Story & Robin Blumenthal, Outreach Pastor

Join us for an evening with Karen Wingate.

Better than Ever—Seeing God Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Menu: Hot Dog Picnic

Woman to Woman will provide hot dogs, buns, and condiments.

Please bring picnic sides and desserts.

For more information, please contact Susan at 749-1492

Mothers of Preschoolers, or MOPS, is a non-denominational, international program designed to support and encourage mothers pregnant through kindergarten. Our Monthly meetings are filled with opportunities for you to build relationships with other moms, enjoy speakers covering topics of interest and make crafts that are fun and unique. Limited childcare spots are available for ages 9 months through Kinder. We want to invite you to join us!

Moms Next is for our mothers with elementary school age children. We meet at the same time and location as our Mops group, but enjoy topics and activities to bond with other moms whose children are in the next stage.

We meet On-campus the 1st & 3rd Tuesday morning monthly at 9am-11:30am in Zone 45. We also have a facebook group you can join: Pantano Mops & Moms Next Closed Group to get connected. We meet September through May.

You are also encouraged to become a MOPS member for $31.95. Please follow this link to see the advantages of being a MOPS member: mops.org Our group code is MXTH.

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