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Latest update on Covid-19 from our Lead Pastor, Glen Elliott.

Latest Updates

On June 7, Adult Sunday services will resume at our East Campus – Updated May 20 | 4:52 PM

phased plan

We have a phased plan that attempts to balance both protecting the health of our congregation and allowing for the freedom to participate in public worship. The stay-at-home order and physical isolation have created a hunger for many of us to connect with those of like faith. We will attempt to do our best to mitigate the spread of the virus while allowing for worship, teaching, and discipleship in person. We are trying to follow what the Bible teaches about love… “it always protects” (1 Corinthians 13:7).

Phase 1: Office Open and Groups can meet – Now
Phase 2: Adult Sunday Services will resume at our East Campus – June 7
Phase 3: Students Services Resumes – June 21
Phase 4: Kids Services Classes – July 5
Phase 5: The Cafe will open – TBD
Phase 6: Resume Services at our Southeast Campus – TBD

Let’s Work Together to Stay Healthy

We’ll do our very best to sanitize areas likely to be touched before and after every service or event and we will also be sanitizing our HVAC system.

What We’re Doing:

• High touchpoints and common areas will be cleaned before, during and after every service or event
• Campus-wide, all rooms, classes, offices, restrooms, etc will be electrostatically disinfected every Saturday
• Common areas, high touch points, restrooms, etc will be electrostatically disinfected and cleaned every Sunday after services

How You Can Help:

• Stay home if you are sick or caring for someone who’s sick or has a higher risk of medical complications.
• Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer provided around our campus.
• Practice 6-foot physical distancing.
• Respect the health concerns of others. For this season we are asking that people avoid handshakes and hugs at this time. Face masks are not required, but we fully support those who want or need to wear masks. Let’s accept and not judge each other on these matters.

Our Pastors and Staff Are Available

If you have a need, call the church office at (520) 298-5395. Even if a pastor is not on our physical campus, the receptionist will get you in contact with someone you can talk with, pray with, or who can give you counsel. You can also submit your prayer requests to

It is important more than ever that we stay connected our pastors are communicating (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) through encouragement video on our Pantano Facebook or Instagram pages.

What If You Need Food or Supplies?

Free Meals For Kids

AZDD Inspire will be providing free meals to families with kids under the age of 18 at our Pantano East campus under the solar panels on the west parking lot on Mon/Wed/Fri from 10:30-11:30 AM. This is a no-contact, drive through pick up. This is available to ANY family with children from birth to 18 years of age.

Get text alerts

Please text covidupdate to 31996 to receive notifications of major changes in the upcoming weeks.


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